Creative Photographic Society

South Florida Photography Workshops

Are you looking to improve your photographic skills?​
Are you looking to improve your knowledge of lighting subjects?
Are you looking to build your portfolio?
Are you looking to network with other photographers?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you are going to enjoy attending a Creative Photographic Society event. We provide a variety of events and workshops organized to provide you what you want or need. We have events that allow for 1-on-1 guidance to group shoots. We cover a range of genres from fashion, to glamour, to artistic nudes (events involving nudity will have a statement at the beginning of their description). CPS events take place primarily at Visual Approach Studios’ location, but may also take place at another studio or a specific location, such as a beach.​

At Creative Photographic Society, we use top-of-the-line Broncolor equipment courtesy of Visual Approach Studios. Utilizing a wide selection of light modifiers, we create a huge assortment of lighting scenarios from 1-light sets up to 7-light sets. Most sets during group events use 1-light sets to 3-light sets to maximize shooting times during the event.

Most of Creative Photographic Society events will feature a model, and some feature more than one. Most models are female, though we do bring in male models from time to time. Some events will be more educational and may not include a model, with that event being focused on another subject.

Check out our upcoming events below and come join us!

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