Annual CPS/Shutter Fun Event

This year will mark the third annual event where Creative Photographic Society and ShutterFun join forces to bring a multiple model event.  Each year, we tend to highlight new, upcoming models that are joining ShutterFun’s annual photography cruise.  Our selected models for this year are Sydney Wolf, Riley Anne and Lidia Leann.

This year’s event will take place on a Friday evening, so we cannot do the afternoon BBQ like we did last year since many attendees also work during the day.  We will do a normal 3-hour group session, followed by the optional 1-on-1s with each model, 30 minute time slots.  For more details, please click the link for the event located on the right side of this post.  

Tickets went on sale Nov. 28, and we are already over half full, so don’t hesitate if you are looking to attend this event, especially if you want a 1-on-1 session!

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