Creative Photographic Society Gets a Facelift!

After some extensive work redesigning the Creative Photographic Society website multiple times, CPS has settled down on one design in particular which has allowed the least amount of additional coding to get necessary features functioning properly.  One of the main features is the ease of which to add events, display them in a clean, professional manner, and offer our fellow Creative Minds an easy way to sign up.

If you have not been visiting the website during its redevelopment, please be sure to go check it out now.  Please pass the website information along to other industry professionals that you know because the new website will ultimately be taking over and this newsletter may be the only way they will get the latest news and events. simply does not have all of the features we want to incorporate, so we will be migrating event signups to the website even if announced simultaneously on Meetup.

Speaking of features, we are always looking to add new ones that bring a benefit to our fellow Creative Minds.  Please provide your feedback on what you like about the new site, what you would like to see added, and even what you don’t like.  We will take a look at your feedback and implement changes as needed or desired.

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