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ExpiredVisiting Model: Aleksa

  • Visiting Model: Aleksa
    December 14, 2016
    7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Event Phone: 954-674-6864

Aleksa has been a group favorite over the last couple of years, so with Aleksa visiting our area again, it only makes sense to feature her again this year.  Last year we did some Christmas themed sets, so this year we won’t be doing that again, focusing on new stuff for you.

One of the more time consuming sets, but also a favorite, which could work very well with Aleksa is that “stroboscopic” set, where we sequence flashes to make multiple images in a single frame.  With Aleksa’s gymnastic moves, I expect this set to be one of the better ones.  And to make things even better, I am looking to add Aleks in a set or two if the demand is good enough to bring him in as well.  The two pull off some moves that are great for stills, and we may even be able to do the strobe shoot with both of them, making it even more spectacular.

The price of this event will be $125, and I will leave the ticket purchasing to register as a free ticket for now, with all monies due upon arrival.  Again, if enough people sign up, I will add Aleks to the agenda, but I do need to cover his costs as well as Aleksa’s.

Planned Attendees:

  •  Al Gillar


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