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1-Hour Time Slot Rules for Attendees

Creative Photographic Society events sometimes will offer 1-Hour Time Slots during an event.  These time slots work differently than attendees may think, so we are providing the following rules to avoid confusion:

  • 1-Hour Time Slots are valid for 60 minutes each.  They will start at the defined start times and end at the defined end times. They do not mean 60 minutes of shooting time!
  • Photographers will arrive on time, or a few minutes early to maintain the schedule. Late arrivals result in lost time and a reduction of time remaining for setups and shooting.
  • Pre-planning your shoot will greatly assist in the success of your time slot.  Poor planning will result in wasted/dead time that reduces shooting times.
  • Photographers are permitted to shoot as many sets as they can “fit” into the 60 minutes.  Time spent setting up lights is part of the 60 minutes, so elaborate sets will minimize shooting time.  For example, if it takes 45 minutes to set up one set, you only have 15 minutes left to shoot it.
  • Photographers can choose the outfits and props to be used (if model agrees to them), allowing photographers to create their own unique images.
  • Time extensions will not be permitted.
  • Signing up for a 1-Hour Time Slot constitutes your acceptance of these rules.

We trust this information and rules will eliminate a lot of confusion regarding 1-Hour Time Slots. If you have any questions, please contact us prior to attending an event.