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Cancellation Policy

I have not been able to code a simple way for you to self cancel so far.  I am still working on it.  For now, please contact me (email, contact link on site) or comment on the specific event page to inform me of your cancellation.  I will then process it on my end.  If there is a refund due (for deposit events), I will also process that as quickly as possible.

“Free Registration” – For now, this remains to be the majority of the events.  You can cancel your registration up to the point the event begins without penalty.  Please make sure you inform me of the cancellation so you do not get “banned” for too many “No-Shows”.

“Deposits” – These events do carry a little risk to you, but are put in place because the model is expecting to be paid.  I am aware plans change, things happen, etc., so I will do my best to get you your money back.  To that end, here are the penalties for cancelling on an event requiring a deposit:

30+days before the event = Full refund (minus any PayPal fees)
<30 days before the event = No refund unless a replacement attendee covers your spot.

Once I am informed of your cancellation, I will process it accordingly as quickly as possible.  If you are due a refund, I will inform you when I process the refund.