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General Rules for Attendees

Creative Photographic Society attempts to keep all events as professional as possible, so we expect our attendees to act accordingly as well.  Failure to maintain your professionalism during the event, especially during events involving nudity, may get you ejected from the event and possibly banned from ALL future events.  Some examples of non-professional behavior include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Offensive remarks regarding any nature, be it based on sex, race, religion, etc.  Sexual remarks will be met with extreme consequences during events involving nudity.
  • Shooting out of turn.  Everyone gets allotted the same amount of time.  When it is your turn, you get the model’s full attention.  When not your turn, kindly keep your camera by your side, or put it down.  Shooting out of turn causes model distractions, and even discomfort.  It is unprofessional, especially at events involving nudity.

Most events will be in a group shoot format.  The way we plan these events is creating 3 or 4 (sometimes more) sets during the event’s time frame, then allowing each attendee a limited amount of time (usually 3-5 minutes) each for shooting the model on that set.  Then we change up the sets.  How much shooting time and how many sets depends on the complexity of the set ups and how well we can manage the time as a group.  Some basic things to think about when attending these group events are (and these apply even to the 30-minute sessions and 1-hour sessions):

  • Planning ahead is key.  While the lights are being set up, think about what you want to shoot during your allotted time. The time is plenty to get a lot of photos done if you do a little planning ahead.  If you don’t that time goes by fast.
  • Time will start once you are satisfied your camera settings are good (usually 1 or 2 test shots).  Once time ends, you will be told “Last Shot”, which means you can take one final shot quickly, then the next shooter is up.  Please do not take more than one shot unless told to do so.  Taking excessive shots after your time falls under unprofessional behavior as well, which may lead to consequences.
  • Attendee in put in setting up scenes is encouraged, though may not be implemented during that specific event.  One of our goal sin all events is for attendees to develop their skills, including their creativity and vision.  Providing input helps attendees develop those skills.
  • Start and end times are target times only.  These times are subject to change depending on a variety of factors, such as model still not ready for shoot, more than one attendee arriving late, etc.  We will adjust end times accordingly to ensure we get a minimum of 3 sets completed, if not more.  Shooting times may be adjusted to obtain more sets during the allotted time as well.
  • 30-Minute Time Slots and 1-Hour Time Slots are handled differently in terms of times, so please visit their specific rule pages for more information about them.

There are some other rules that need to be discussed, which apply to ALL events.  Below you will find our “No Show” Policy and policy on deposits, when utilized for certain events.  We also provide guidance on what to bring to events.

“No Show Policy”

RSVPing assures your spot, but it also prevents another from attending.  A “no show” is not only unprofessional, but also eliminates a fellow photographer’s ability to learn and gain good photos for their portfolio.  As such, we have a “3 strikes and you’re out” policy regarding “no shows” and it will be strictly enforced.

Deposit Policy

At times, we will be charging a deposit for certain events.  The deposit is being charged for a couple of reasons, one of which is that many models require a minimum fee for their time.  The deposit allows us to ensure a minimum payment for the model in the event the attendee does not show.  Another reason is to provide a financial incentive for attendees to show.

For most events requiring a deposit, the deposit is non-refundable.  With the ticketing system we have in place right now, some events will allow for attendees to cancel and receive a refund, or at least part of a refund (PayPal may charge fees for cancellations).  When signing up, do so expecting that the event’s deposit is non-refundable, unless stated otherwise.

Regarding tickets purchased for events, we will allow them to be transferred.  This means if you purchase a ticket (mainly applies to non-refundable tickets), then you can find another photographer to take your place (and pay you back the deposit only, if applicable).  In order to do this, we must be contacted before the event for approval or the new attendee will not be permitted.  “Scalping” (charging more than what you paid) will not be permitted in any case and will result in attendee selling their ticket to be banned immediately from any further events, including forfeiture of any deposits for future events.

What to Bring:

  1. Camera with lenses ranging from 50mm – 200mm, as desired.  Most versatile lens is a 70-200mm if you only bring one lens.  Bring as many lenses as you desire.
  2. Plenty of Memory Cards/Storage to shoot all of the photos you can in your allotted time.
  3. Extra Camera Battery (just in case)

Optional Equipment:

  1. Tripod
  2. Lightmeter
  3. Props that may be used

NOTE:  There is no need to bring PocketWizards as we will supply triggers.