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Model Release Rules for Attendees

Creative Photographic Society events are designed to provide photography education, portfolio building, and networking opportunities.  Our events center around assisting you in improving your photographic skills and in growing your own photography business.

Most of Creative Photographic Society’s events involve hiring models to be photographed in various attire, including nude, among various sets.  This involves quite a lot of planning, especially when bringing in MUAs and/or hair stylists, or even more models.  To eliminate confusion surrounding the expectations of all parties involved, we provide the following rules regarding Model Releases:

  • Models are paid for being photographed at the event by the attendees solely for the purpose of education and portfolio building.
  • Photographers are paying for the opportunity to photograph the model(s) for the purposes of education and portfolio building only.
  • It is at the discretion of the models to sign Model Releases for any attendee.  Models are under no obligation to sign a Model Release.
  • Florida Statutes recognize both verbal and written permissions for releases.  It is recommended that you get a Model Release for any work beyond portfolio and self promotion, even outside of our events.
  • Models have every right to negotiate verbiage of Model Releases they choose to sign.  Models do this to protect their image and brand, or even due to accepting lower fees than normal for the event.
  • Models have every right to charge a fee to sign a Model Release if that release extends beyond portfolio building and self promotion, such as Facebook, Instagram and personal websites.
  • Models can bring their own releases within limits.  The model’s Model Release must be submitted and approved by Creative Photographic Society and will be made available for viewing before tickets for the event go on sale (even free events).
  • Photographers have no legal right to sell or authorize use of photographs taken at a Creative Photographic Society event without a signed Model Release.
  • Photographers are under no obligation to sign a release provided by the model(s).
  • Photographers are under no obligation to provide photographs to the model(s).  Providing photographs to the model(s) is customary and we highly recommend this practice to build rapport within the model community, and to expand your promotional reach.
  • Photographers in attendance are permitted to use their photographs to promote themselves or photography business, even without a Model Release.
  • Creative Photographic Society events are not commercial photo shoots for any specific products, brands, or ideas.  For commercial uses, Visual Approach Studios offers studio rentals and can provide models if requested for your project or customer.
  • One or more Property Releases may also be required if selling photographs from our our events.
  • Your attendance at any of our events constitutes your acceptance of these rules.

Our events are designed for attendees to have fun, to learn, to network and to build their portfolios.  Attendees are not required to obtain a signed Model Release for those purposes.  If an attendee desires to sell their photographs to any third party, such as a publication, a stock agency, an ad agency, etc., a signed Model Release allowing the sale is required.  Additionally, a signed Property Release may also be required.

We trust this information and rules will eliminate a lot of confusion regarding Model Releases.  If you have any questions, please contact us prior to attending an event.