New Features Added, Including Private Messaging

It was brought to my attention that there is no way for attendees to direct cancel their registrations for events.  Rest assured I am working on a work-around for that, which is going to require some special coding most likely.  I hope to have it resolved relatively quickly, but it could take a while.

In the meantime, some of the other features added are the ability to upload photos to your own private galleries and the ability to private message other users from within the website.  The PM feature is relatively similar to that of Meetup, in that you can easily send messages between other website users.  The gallery feature allows for uploading photos, but I am still working on how to get them to display in the various events, which I am working on as well.

Getting back to the cancellation dilemma, one way to cancel is to send a private message to Creative Photo stating your need to cancel (or email me).  If it is a free event, no further action is required and I will update your registration appropriately.  If it is a paid event, I will update your registration appropriately, then I will have to issue a refund from PayPal as that is not automatic.  Please give me a few days to do so, but I also ask that you follow up to let me know that you have received the refund.

Very soon I will be adding a location for you to sign into the website as a user to access these new features.  I expect that to be available this weekend.  The gallery display(s) are something I will be prioritizing as quickly as possible.  The ability to cancel registrations directly will take some time, but rest assured I will be working on that as well as my next priority to make things as easy as possible.

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