Pure Rebel is Returning to CPS!

We have already sent out a couple of emails about Kristy Jessica’s return, but now we are ready to formally announce the event.  The reason for the delay in the announcement was mostly to get the website functioning properly to handle the event.

Kristy will be returning to Creative Photographic Society on August 6th for the whole day (well, most of it).  During discussions with Kristy, we decided to switch the format from the normal group events to one that offers multiple 1-hour sessions throughout the day.  We will be starting at 12:00noon and going until 9:00pm, with a break between 4:00pm and 5:00pm for rest and food.  If the listed 8 1-hour sessions sell out, we will be opening a 9th session at 11:00am, but that session will only open if the others fill up.

To handle this event as easily as possible, multiple features have been added to the website to make the event signups work as smoothly as possible.  The main features for this event is the ability to set up “tickets” to reserve your block time, which is far better than Meetup’s RSVP and comment your time slot system.  If all goes well (and so far our testing has worked properly), you can select, then purchase, your time slot from among those still available.  Once your purchase is complete, that time slot will no longer be available.  Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure your time slot does get assigned to you.

Regarding the purchase, the website uses a PayPal gateway, so you will go over to the Paypal site (you have likely seen this before) and make your purchase.  If you are not automatically sent back to the CPS website, there should be a link that will “complete” your purchase for the purpose of the CPS website.  It is not complicated, but does take a few steps to complete and your slot will not be reserved (even if you paid) if you do not follow through back to the CPS website.

Tickets go on sale March 30, 2016 at 12:00noon!

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