Visiting Model: Mija

Creative Photographic Society is pleased to announce the return of Mija to the South Florida area and another Creative Photographic Society event featuring her.  Mija is visiting from the Czech Republic.

For those that remember, Mija was one of the models in a Creative Photographic Society event back in July, 2014.  Mija was joined then by traveling friend Sonny, however, this time Mija is coming alone.  That means that this time you will have a more “intimate” experience with Mija during this event.  Additionally, we are offering specialized 1:1 sessions immediately after the event for attendees to organize their own mini photo session with Mija, adding more personalized photos for your portfolios.

Creative Photographic Society offers a variety of workshops, some of which involve nudity in an artful manner.  This event will be one that involves nudity, so please do not attend if nudity offends you, or you otherwise prefer not to view the nude form.

If you are interested in working with Mija during this Creative Photographic Society event, please visit the event’s posting.

Creative Photographic Society organizes various photographic related events, from simple come and shoot style workshops to fully educational events.  During any of the events, even the simple come and shoot events, we encourage questions and stand ready to answer them.  Our goal is for attendees to leave having gained knowledge, not just awesome photos!

A typical Creative Photographic Society event will include at least one model in studio or on location.  Studio events will involve at least 3 “sets”, depending on attendance and shoot times.  Some events are more educational than others, which also affects the number of sets and shoot times in order to allow for the educational portion(s).  Attendees can typically expect to work with models for a minimum of 3 minutes per set, though sometimes that allocated time could be as high as 5 or more minutes.  The purpose of time limits is to maximize the benefits for each attendee and for the event itself.

Photographers attending a Creative Photographic Society event are encouraged to bring a variety of equipment to maximize their potential for dramatic photos.  We highly recommend photographers bring at least two lenses, covering the 50mm – 200mm range, enough memory cards (and space) to maximize the amount of acquired photos, and an extra battery (just in case).  Optional equipment includes a tripod and a light meter.  Attendees may bring props that feel mad add to their time slots to provide more unique images, as desired.

Creative Photographic Society uses arguably the best lighting available, Broncolor.  Due to the use of professional Broncolor lighting packs, including battery packs, we utilize Broncolor triggers so attendees do not need to bring their Pocket Wizards.

If you are interested in attending this Creative Photographic Society event, featuring Mija, so that you can learn, network and add awesome photos to your personal portfolio, please visit the event’s posting and RSVP today!

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