Website is Now Officially “Launched”

If you are receiving emails from the Creative Photographic Society Meetup group, you likely received the email earlier today officially announcing this website’s “Launch”.  After some setbacks, we decided it was time to make things “official” as the website has been rebuilt with a lot of its features active and working properly, though not all is perfect yet.  Creative Photographic Society would like to take a moment and highlight some of its features located on this website, most working correctly already.

The first feature is the posting of events and the ease of use to RSVP, and even pay online.  With each event listing, a unique “page” is produced.  Each event’s details are highlighted at the top, from the location to time and cost.  We are working on coding to make these important items a little more pronounced, but they are easily seen.  Additionally, right at the top of the post is the ability to RSVP to each event.  If you click on “I’m Attending”, you will be asked to sign in as a user.  You can use Facebook, Twitter, or another listed social site for your login credentials.  We recommend Facebook simply because when you try and log back into the site for uploading photos, etc., there is a “Login via Facebook” link already, and no other option exists at the moment (unless you set one up in the dashboard).  Once you have become a “subscriber” for the website, other features, including uploading photos, becomes active.  You can also sign up for the newsletter, a feature to begin in the future.

Events are also going to be announced on the blog, but can be seen on every page of the website.  In the footer section (bottom), there are event listings for upcoming events.  Those events and links to their specific pages are also shown in the right sidebar of every page but the front page.  Of course, you can also click the top menu item, called “Workshops” and be brought to a calendar that you can peruse and find upcoming events, even those we announce way in advance (should there be some).

PayPal has been added to events to better serve our attendees.  Whether you prefer to pay for an event via PayPal or bring cash and pay at the door, that is now an option.  Some events may require payment before attendance can be guaranteed when we have more “special” events, and PayPal will be the way to go for those.

Continuing on in our efforts to make the website function a lot like Meetup itself, we have added Private Messaging.  As more of you become “subscribers”, the list of members you can message will grow and you can even message multiple members at the same time.  To ensure your message goes through, we recommend using the inbox and selecting new message from there as the upper box may or may not deliver your message (we have had success and failures with that one so far, but we are working on it).

If you would like to broadcast a topic, or even sell some equipment, we have a forum added for that purpose.  Any member can utilize it and post any topic from selling equipment to requesting a particular event topic, or whatever.  Please keep it to photography related material though.

The blog will continue to be an important place to find information.  We will strive to post new features, new events, and anything else that is happening within Creative Photographic Society right here on the blog.  Every blog post is also sent over to our Creative Photographic Society Facebook Fanpage, so please make sure you “Like” that page as well.

One feature we have available as well is the ability for models to express their interest in working with us.  For them to sign up, they can view the model information page, then fill out the application form, or go straight to the application form if they want.  The form is similar to Model Mayhem’s regarding statistics, but this allows us to have a “go-to” database of models rather than searching through Model Mayhem and trying to vet them there.  We are going to add a way for visiting models to easily contact us as well if they desire to work with us while they are in the area.

There may be some things we have not covered here, so check out the website and sign up when you can (we hope to resolve the Facebook signup without RSVPing issue quickly).


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