Website Rebuilding

If you have your own website and do a lot of the programming, you likely have a similar story to tell, though yours may not be as dramatic.  A few days ago, while adding some additional features to the website via a “plugin”, Creative Photographic Society’s website encountered a major setback.  Fortunately for us, we have not gotten to our full set up yet, nor did we have a lot of information already developed.

Basically, the plugin did not work as we expected and added a lot of pages as “users” of the website.  The problem was that when you deleted the “users”, you deleted whatever the plugin had inputted into that user block.  So, essentially, when we deleted all of the users, the entire website disappeared.  Needless to say, we were not happy with that plugin and will get in touch with its developers with some “feedback”.  The end result is we lost our “history”, namely media uploaded to date, past events, blog posts, etc.  We are starting all of that fresh, rather than try to go back and redo all of those, essentially irrelevant to today, pieces of “data”.

Since a lot of our main features for the website were actually saved, we have already rebuilt a large portion of the website.  We still have a ways to go, but it shouldn’t be long before we are essentially back to where we were prior to the problem, minus some now outdated media, events and postings.  We are still working on new events and this website on a virtually daily basis, so look for the upcoming events to be posted, along with new features to be added.

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