Website Update – Facebook Integration Completed

Three days ago, we officially “Launched” the Creative Photographic Society website, which we promised to keep working on and bringing you new features until everyone is fully satisfied.  Well, today we would like to announce the apparent completion of the website’s Facebook integration.

If you read the post from a few days ago, we discussed several features that have already been added and working, such as the ability to sign in to Facebook to RSVP to events.  However, we also mentioned that to become a “member” of the website, that was the only way to “subscribe” as the main link to sign up via Facebook was not working.

Well, today we are announcing that the Sign in Via Facebook link is now working properly and you can “subscribe” to the website using your Facebook credentials right now.  So, if you would like to become a member of the new website, head over to the sign up link and get started.

Joining us on the website will allow you to RSVP to events, upload photos to events, and sign up to the newsletter that we are hoping to start in the future.  Subscribe now so we can do our best to keep you informed of upcoming events and happenings here at the Creative Photographic Society.

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