Creative Photographic Society’s Website Redesigned Redesign

Nearly 3 weeks ago, we mentioned that we redesigned the website and made some minor, mostly behind the scenes changes. Well, we also mentioned it was still in progress, highlighting some of the changes and mentioning some features were still being tested. In the end, we didn’t like the way things were “feeling” and decided to go in a new, more “modern” and user friendly (we think) direction.

Today, we would like to announce the completely redesigned Creative Photographic Society website is up and running and we trust you will like it. There are a couple of “dummy” events online to demonstrate its design, which will essentially require us to have at least one event regularly to maintain its “good looks”, which we are hoping to keep up. That will put some added “pressure” on us to bring you regular events, which have been lacking lately.

Once again, during the redesign phase, along with switching servers, we decided it best to wipe out all user accounts due to many spam accounts, along with erasing the eNewsletter database. To that end, we apologize for the inconvenience, but we are asking everyone to sign up again for the eNewsletter service and understand user accounts are disabled at the moment.

Speaking of user accounts, we are still toying with various ideas which would require them again, such as setting up membership programs that would offer special benefits. We are also looking into providing various coupons and/or promo codes to discount fees on some events and entice others to join our group. Only time will tell what eventually gets added.

One final note is that we also did not carry over statistics from the running poll on the website. One reason for that is that we added a few more selections, such as Drone Photography and Product Photography, to the list of choices, so your prior answer may need to be updated.

As always, we welcome your feedback and website feature requests. Please don’t forget to sign up for the eNewsletter, even if you signed up in the past.

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