Models' Information

Creative Photographic Society utilizes models in virtually every event we organize. While most events only require one model, there are times when two or more are brought in for the event. The models we request vary depending on the type of event we are organizing and may be women or men, though the majority are women.

Creative Photographic Society has developed and maintains its own database of models here on the website for our quick access for events, with websites such as Model Mayhem coming next in priority order, followed by contacting agencies. The reason for maintaining the database is to be able to select models quickly without having to search through a large number of applications, such as on websites like Model Mayhem. A model who has taken the time to complete our Model Application Form have demonstrated their desire to work with us, so they rightfully take priority. However, we are also very selective in our models, so completing the form does not guarantee we will hire you, but it does put you in front of our recruiters, which is an advantage. As can be expected, we also have to prioritize models that are visiting from another location, simply due to their limited availability.

Why are we very selective in our selection of models? The simple answer to that is we want high quality models. If that is the case, you may ask why we don’t just go through an agency. That answer is simple as well, as agency models tend to get very expensive and we do need to be able to price our events for at least breaking even on our costs. We have also found a large number of models that are very high quality, but have not pursued signing on with an agency, are freelance, or have not landed that agency job yet. Some of our models have worked in our events and moved on to an agency afterwards.

One of the benefits of wanting to work with Creative Photographic Society versus some of the other local workshops is that we pay our models. We do not believe in charging attendees a fee and not paying our models at least part of that revenue, even if the entry fee doesn’t cover all of the costs on our end. That decision just comes down to business ethics. How much we pay a model varies depending on the event, number of models, type of photo shoot and quality of the model. Sometimes we hire models at a flat fee, while other times we pay them a percentage of revenues.

Creative Photographic Society events vary based on what we want to present to our attendees. Most of the photography events will consist of shooting the model over a 3-hour time period, usually in the evenings, utilizing 3 or more sets. Most of these events will be organized at Visual Approach Studios (exact address is given out at time of event), which is located near Sawgrass Mills Mall. The genre of photo shoots vary greatly, from glamour, fashion, artistic nudes, boudoir, education, or even themed events, such as our World Cup body painting events last year. Each event will be listed here on the website, with all details. Nude photo sessions will state so at the very beginning of the event’s listing to ensure readers that the event (and photographs within the listing itself) will involve nudity, even if implied.

If working with Creative Photographic Society during one of our events is appealing to you, please take a few minutes to complete our Model Application Form, including recent photos, to include your name in our database of models. We look forward to reviewing your application and hopefully working with you in the near future!