On1 Photo RAW 2018 Announced: HDR Processing, Panoramic Stitching, Advanced Masking Added

On1 just announced their newest version of its stand-alone RAW photo manager, a viable alternative to Lightroom. With this new update, On1 Photo RAW 2018, adds HDR merge and panoramic stitching, along with advanced masking capabilities and more.

Some of the features On1 Photo RAW 2018 delivers are HDR, panorama stitching, advanced masking capabilities including feather and density for global masking, update UI that On1 states as “clean and modern”, along with “Paint with a Color Brush”, which will allow paiting with a solid color or retain the lumnosity of the underlying layer for things like hair and eyes. You can get a reasonable overview in their video below. To get a full overview of On1 Photo RAW 2018’s features, it is best to visit their website.

The app is scheduled for a free “Beta” release this Friday and On1’s official On1 Photo RAW 2018 release is scheduled for the end of October. The “full” version will cost $119.99 for new users and $79.99 for upgrades. Both versions are already available for pre-order.

To learn more about On1 Photo RAW 2018 or to pre-order your copy, head over to On1’s blog.

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